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Most of the people who come to Elaine have been struggling with their diabetes for years, thinking that declining health is inevitable. This simply isn't the case. There is a growing band of people getting the results that you would love. Click on any image to watch and read their stories.

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Jon: I'm a different man!

" Thanks to Elaine’s advice, just 6 weeks later my blood sugar levels typically range between 5.8 and 7 – hitting my target perfectly. I have lost 5kgs in weight; and my family have all noticed that “I am a different man! "

Simon: living a more healthy lifestyle

" I tried lots of ways of dealing with my diabetes but it wasn't successful. Elaine showed me the importance of diet in the treatment of diabetes. It's really made a massive difference to my health. I've lost a lot of weight, and live a more healthy lifestyle. "